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We at JAY BEE INDUSTRIES are committed to do good planning and its execution through quality assurance and producing the right thing first time, time after to keep our customer delighted.
Built up from prime high quality CRGO Silicon Stel Sheets in different grades of low loss material imported from countries like Japan, USA, Germany, France etc.
The Churning out of par excellence product made possible because of inhouse facilities like slitting, shearing, punching, notching, deburring and annealing.
Special care taken while processing to reduce burrs and minimise stresses developed while processing.
Losses are reduced to minimum possible level for achieving better efficiency.
Quality checks like Epstein Square Test, Insultation Resistance, Bending, Permeability done before using in transformers.
Mitered joints to have better magnetic path, providing minimum relunctance.
Core Assembly clamped properly with heavy steel structure to reduce noise level.
Normally boltless construction provided to minimise the core loss.
Wound from annealed, electrolytic grade Copper/Aluminium conductors.
Inhouse facility for wire/strip drawing and also for paper covered insultation.
Aluminium / Copper rods are procured from Hindalco, Nalco, Balco, HCL etc.
Electrical kraft paper is used for insulation.
Sufficient cooling ducts provided to reduce temp. rise of windings, oil and hot spot.
Type of coil winding like helical, continuous disc, double disc, cross over coils etc. depends upon the rating and voltage class of the transformer.
Coils are make without any joints.
Electrical grade kraft paper, pre-compressed press board used for insulation.
Coils are preshrunk before assembly.
Clamping structure, ducts etc. designed to take care of short circuit forces and impulse voltages.
On load/off circuit tap switches provided as per the requirements.
Insultation resistance being built up by drying in the oven.
Dehydrated EHV grade mineral oil used for proper insulation and cooling.
Tests for ageing characteristics like Tan-Delta, BDV, resistivity conducted before charging.
Surface cleared by chemical/shot or sand blasting with oil resistant Zinc chromate primer.
Conservator, Cable Boxes, Rollers, Sealed/conventional type cover provided as per the ratings.
Tested for pressure as well as vaccum.
Routine Tests like Measurement of Resistance, No Load Loss, Load Loss, Impedance, Turns Ratio, Separate Source voltage Test, Induced over Voltage Test, Temperature Rise Test are conducted as per IS:2026.
Testing equipment calibrated regularly.
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