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We at JAY BEE INDUSTRIES are committed to do good planning and its execution through quality assurance and producing the right thing first time, time after to keep our customer delighted.
Dry Type Transformers
Dry type Power / Distribution Transformers are used in locations where safety is of utmost priority and where conventional transformers with oil / paper composite dielectric can be a liability and phone to fire hazards. Dry type transformers are the preferred option in such situations. A Dry Type Transformer is similar to Conventional Oil Immersed Transformers in design and manufacturing, both magnetically and electrically. The key difference is in insulation and cooling method as well as the processing of the coils.

The Dry Type Transformers are designed and tested to comply with National & International Standards like IS: 11171 & IEC:60726.

The company is capable of manufacturing transformers to any other standards as per customers/consultants requirement.
Resin Cast
Dry Type Transformer
Resin Cast Transformer
Casting based on filled system (with automatic filler loading)
  • Excellent Heat Transfer
  • Identical Thermal Coefficients
Probably the only dust free facility in India
Vacuum Pressure Impregnated
PLC Controlled Vacuum Pressure Impregnated Transformer
  • Impregnation under vacuum
  • Impregnation followed by pressurized varnishing
Fire resistant and safe
Lower losses
Free from partial discharges
High dynamic short circuit strength
Good overload capacity
High impulse strength
Environment friendly
Low cost of installation and maintenance
Vacuum Pressure Impregnated
Dry Type Transformer
Oil Rigs
Airports & Shipping
Chemical and Cement Plants
Trains and Subways
Unitized Substations
Refineries and petrochemicals
Power Plants
Nuclear Power Stations
High Rise Buildings/Shopping Complexes/ Multiplexes
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